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Re: ircnow perl library.

Excellent! Thanks!

IRCNow (https://ircnow.org)

On Sat, May 20, 2023 at 11:10:01AM -0600, izzyb wrote:
> Hello Codeforce,
> I started work on parsing log files for the BasicBot plugin and decided I
> needed a library to manage all the data sources for ircnow so I'm creating a
> library suite rooted at IRCNOW:: Currently, I have two Libraries
> IRCNOW::Database
> A library for managing the database connections and provides some useful
> generic functions for accessing and doing common tasks with database tables.
> IRCNOW::ParseLog
> A library and base class for log parsers. It is aware of and provides access
> methods for the database but I intend for it to also be useful just as a
> parsing engine of the raw log files.  Its currently dependent on
> IRCNOW::Database but plan to make it optional at some point.
> My hope is it will make it easy to add new data sources and add to the data
> collection in a decentralized manner.  So each team can be responsible for
> their own data collection and retention policies while still enabling us to
> work together for policing abuse.  The library will make it easy to build
> tools like ponbot or the report script I added to botnow.  I'll update both
> to use the library.  The demo code included with the library imports new
> entries from the log into the database so botnow has access to them.  It'll
> be run via cron once this is ready to deploy.
> This is probably at alpha level at best. Just wanted to share it seeing as
> its related to the Bot::BasicBot stuff I'm already sharing.  It may form the
> bases for a 300 level course for perl. ponBot will be the basis for the 200
> level. That'll build on jrmu's perl 100 level that teaches perl through
> building a Bot::BasicBot.  End result will be a course that teaches perl
> through building an ircbot from simple perl using a library, to making it a
> Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable bot and building plugins for the bot to building a
> library to support data collection for the bot.  Lots more to do but its
> moving in a good direction :)
> Here's the code:
> https://got.ircnow.org/cgi-bin/gotweb/gotweb?path=IRCNOW-p5-lib&action=summary
> I'm happy to receive comments or contributions.
> ...Izzy

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