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Re: [PATCH] Modified localtime fields to default current_timestamp.

is there any particular reason for changing this?

botnow currently stores time in unix epoch format (ie "1678041898" as a string,
no clue why...). this changes the default value to an iso8601-like
format (ie "2023-04-19 17:36:27"). I do love some iso8601, but changing the
timestamp format seems like needless bikeshedding. it would make the database
slower, existing databases would have to be converted, and botnow's behavior
would have to be modified too.

if this is for human-readability, sqlite's date convenience functions may
be used when SELECTing to show it as any format on the fly. see also

additionally it does not give the column a defined type, just a default
value (you probably want INTEGER, for unix timestamps). not that it
particularly matters because of how flexable sqlite is, but it is inconsistent
with other columns.

fun fact, in sqlite VARCHAR(length) is meaningless, the length is discarded
and it just turns into sqlite's STRING for compatibility with other sql

[PATCH] Modified localtime fields to default current_timestamp.Ian Jones <ianj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>